Thursday, July 20, 2006

Still trying to get into the blog groove

Here are a couple shots from my trip to Cincinnati this weekend for the funeral:

1. At the Irish Wake we had, there was a buffet dinner. Look what one of the side dishes was!
Vegetable Medley, in tha house!!

2. While in Cincinnati I HAD to eat at the famous Skyline Chili before I left, and I got a small 3-Way and Cheese Coney Cheddar Mett, which is the Cheese Coney, but with a cheese-filled hot dog. They also give you Oyster crackers and a bottle of hot sauce at the table. You can crack a small hole in the top of a cracker and put some hot sauce in it to make a Torpedo. I put too much hot sauce in my first one and was crying. Their hot sauce is pretty potent.
Mmmm, chili!

And after Skyline, a stop at the delicious and famous Graeter's Ice Cream. Cinci is a goooood eating city! But not a good weight management city.