Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I swear I was looking for a Bruins calendar!

I was. But then I did some browsing and found this gem of a calendar: Silicon Valley. It doesn't surprise me that there is a calendar of busty women, or that there's not one face to be found in any of the pictures. But big fake boobs are SO 1995. To paraphrase "Who are the calendar wizards that came up with this one?" I mean, really! Naturally large Eastern European breasts are what's in now. Where's the calendar for that? Anyone have a link? (Just kidding, Honey.)

And if any of you are looking for a great gift for Ken of Ken and Ariel (TGIC, I'm looking in your direction) then I recommend this one or this one. Ken would hardly be able to thank you, because he would never leave his house.

iPod: Jimmy Eat World shuffle.