Wednesday, November 23, 2005

"525,600 Minutes"

"How do you measure a year?" asks the cast of Rent. In my case, you measure it in posts. Here I am at the first anniversary of starting this blog, and I've published 314 posts including this one. That's a pretty good post-to-day ratio: about .86 posts per day. In the past year I've added a second blog to the family, have 20 links on my blogroll, and have gained, much to my surprise, several people I would honestly call friends; even though I have not met most of them. I've talked a lot about why I started blogging, and the reason is pretty much the same: I think I can write things that might make people laugh. But it's grown to a lot more than that. It is an outlet not only for creativity and emotion, but also a social outlet. I write, people respond. Others write, I comment, and an exchange forms. I routinely talk with more people each day through blogging than I do in person.

It's been a great experience. Sure there are times when I don't have much inspiration, or I'm absolutely sure that people either ignore or hate what I write, but it's easier to get through those patches with regular readers who I can count on to either provide inspiration on their own blogs, or to drop me a line in my comments letting me know that something I wrote brought even the smallest, silliest thought to their head. And if that fails, I can always pimp my baby on the site to get positive feedback.

So thank you, any and all that read regularly or momentarily. Let's see how long I can keep this nonsense going.

Now back to the real world, the Boston Bruins FINALLY won a game! And convincingly, too. 5-1 over the Toronto Maple Leafs. That was the good part of the night. The bad part was when my satellite receiver shut off mid way through recording Lost. I turned it back on, and it "said" it was recording the second half of Lost and Invasion, but it was doing nothing of the sort! So I'm looking into downloading those episodes on Kazaa or Bit Torrent. Will that make me a bad person if I do?

Time for bed now. Have a great Thanksgiving to those who are celebrating it. And to the rest of you, have a great day and rest of the week.