Sunday, August 20, 2006

Why Do I Even Bother?

With watching and caring about the Red Sox? The worst part is coming to the realization that the Great Comeback against the Yankees and World Series title were just flukes, not some monumental, curse-breaking effort signaling a new era in Red Sox history and fulfilling some cosmic destiny that the Good Guys were finally going to be on top. The Red Sox are just the 1997 Florida Marlins. They spent some dough, got some good guys on the team, won a championship, and then saw many of the key players go elsewhere. Maybe they'll win another like the Marlins did, but probably not. The Red Sox are famous for not winning, and that's what they'll keep doing. But at least we have the memory of that one year, when for some reason they were able to win it.

Thank God football and hockey seasons are almost here. It will be better when the Red Sox don't make the playoffs and I can focus on those other sports and not waste my time and hopes on the BoSox.