Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Operation Meeta Blogger: Vancouver

I know I've been pretty absent lately. I've been traveling, and busy preparing for another, much longer business trip. I'm actually going to Hawaii for a conference, for about a week. Meanwhile, Lovely Wife will be at home, writing a paper and taking a final exam. I'm scum, I know. We wanted to make it a trip for two, but it just wasn't going to work out.

Anyway, earlier this week I went to Beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia for work and met up with Just a Girl, the fifth Canadian Blogging Woman I've met so far. The meeting went very well, with lots of conversation about music, Canada, hockey, family, etc. It got off to a bit of a weird start, thanks to me. I was supposed to meet her in the lobby of my hotel, but as my colleague who was joining me on the trip was on his way to the hotel from the airport, and I didn't want to run into him and explain that I was meeting someone I met through blogging. This guy is one of the partner owners of my company, and just thought that I didn't want to confess my blogging habit to him, so I hid upstairs in the lounge where I could keep a lookout for both the partner and Just a Girl. Luckily, I saw her first from the balcony overhead and asked her to come upstairs. We hung out there for a while until the coast was clear, and then went looking for dinner. It was a very nice night in Van City (as some people call it, apparently) and we had a nice walk until we found a pasta restaurant for dinner. I, of course, ran my mouth of with lots of personal questions and self-aggrandizing comments. She graciously answered my questions and mercifully laughed at my jokes. So it was a very good time, and even though she doesn't actually live IN Vancouver, I'll definitely try to meet up with her when I travel there again.

One of the best parts of meeting her, though, is that she can verify who we saw strolling the streets of Vancouver. I was able to snap a picture of him with my phone after he walked by us.

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It's Emmanuel Lewis, TV's Webster! I swear to God! I have no idea what he's doing in Vancouver, but it was definitely him