Friday, April 07, 2006

Announcing a new blog link!

Some of you regulars may know that I enjoy the rare luxury of a good, friendly relationship with an ex-girlfriend. It's a long-distance friendship, so thankfully I can't do too much to ruin it. We've been keeping in touch for several years, and this blog has brought us even closer (because she plays the Brain Squeeze every day). She now has her own fledgling blog that you should all check out. She's a librarian by trade, but a writer by nature, and living happily in Maine after some pretty trying years. Here's the link:

Hyperbolic Hermitage


iPod: "Blister" and "Pain" by Jimmy Eat World, "I'm Afraid of Everything" by Braid, and "Wrath of the Donkey Remix" by .Moneen.