Monday, November 07, 2005

This is the end...

My only friend, the end.
Mother, I want to...

Another Halloween has come and gone, and now my spooky/pleasantly surprised jack o' lantern resembles a nursing home resident excited for his nightly pudding. Here's a picture of the Boy's pumpkin he painted by himself.
Hey, Sonny.  Have you seen my teeth?

The Boy had his last soccer game of the fall and he played great! He scored two goals with iron determination, broke up some scoring chances by the other team, and (most impressively) ran around the gaggle of kids swarming around the ball to the other side of the goal to set up for a pass. It was the most awareness of strategy I had seen from him. I was so proud of the whole effort, I got a little misty after the second goal. His team lost 5-3, but it was a well-played game, with a stellar performance by our son.

Other weekend sporting events were similarly encouraging: the Ohio State Buckeyes won big, alma mater football team came from behind to win, three teams ranked ahead of Ohio State lost (except for Penn State, dammit). The Boston Bruins also won their last two games convincingly, but the real test will be when they play the seemingly invincible Ottawa Senators soon.

Lastly, I made a very shocking discovery this weekend. I was reading the article about Sarah Silverman in the newest Rolling Stone, and guess what! She's not Jonathan Silverman's sister!!!! I always assumed they were brother and sister, or at least cousins, but apparently not. Here, look for yourselves.
'I love chinks' 'If I see one more cup of coffee...'

Am I crazy, or is there not a resemblance? My world has turned upside down.

iPod: "Time Turned Fragile" by Motion City Soundtrack, "Nobody Fails Like" by The Dead Milkmen, "On My Mind" by Athenaeum,"4 People Do Good" by Idlewild,"Pulsar" by Thanks to Gravity, and "Forever Got Shorter" by Braid.