Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Oh, it's ON, Bitch!!!

I finally got a response email from the producers of VH1's World Series of Pop Culture. I may have mentioned this before, but I'd love to make a blogger-based team to get on the show and clean up! I know some of you are pop-culture fiends like me (even more so, I'm sure) and would make great teammates.

There's a slight problem with getting on the show, though. The team needs to go to a casting call in one of 5 cities. After the casting interview (where they presumably pick people based on personality and not sheer knowledge), you get called back to qualify. If you make it to the final 16, then you go to New York for the taping in March. So you see, there will be a significant travel/time commitment to it. But the prize is $250,000 and ultimate bragging rights. Casting calls will be in the following cities on the dates specified:

New York City: January 19th - 21st
Los Angeles: January 26th - 28th
Chicago: February 2nd - 4th
Austin: February 9th - 11th
Orlando: February 16th - 18th

You can only go with an appointment, so the team has to be signed up and invited first. Taping of the actual World Series is from March 22-24.

Since I've just made this information available to all of you, there's nothing stopping you from stealing my idea and running away with it without me. But you wouldn't do that, right? Here's what I propose:

  • I'll be the team captain,
  • I've got a great name already, but it's negotiable if someone can come up with a better one,
  • Express interest only if you really want to do it, and can actually make it to a casting and taping,
  • If more than two other people want in, then we come up with some kind of quiz to see who gets in (from which I will be exempt, hehe)
  • If we have 6 or more total people interested, we make 2 teams that sign up for two different castings.

Well, what do you say? I'd like to sign up before the end of November to make sure we get a spot in a casting. Once we have a team we'll have to pick the casting that's most convenient for schedules and travel. Leave a comment or email me if you want in.